Mycenae from Athens

Details On How To Get To Mycenae From Athens

If you’re taking a vacation to the Greek capital city of Athens and want to explore some of the region’s rich history, you might want to consider making a trip out to Mycenae. Located roughly 120 kilometers (or about 75 miles) southwest of the city, this is a famous archaeological landmark that was a citadel founded in the Bronze age between 1350 and 1200 BC.

Although Mycenae should be high on the list for most history-loving tourists visiting Greece, the lengthy distance from Athens could create complications in trying to get there.

Thankfully, there are a few different transportation options that can help you with making the trip from Athens to Mycenae, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The three available options are renting your own car, riding on a bus, or taking a taxi. It will depend on your unique budget and other needs to find the selection that is most suitable for you.

Renting your own car

Driving your own rental car can be the quickest way to get between the two locations, because you will be able to drive directly from your hotel or wherever else you’re staying in Athens to Mycenae, and there should be spaces available for your vehicle in the site’s car park.
The typical journey time when driving a rental car is about 1 hour and 25 minutes, although it can be quicker if it’s quiet on the roads, such as early in the morning, or slower at rush hour.

It’s difficult to predict the exact cost of this transportation option, but it will typically be the most expensive of the three methods. That’s because you’ll not only have to pay for the rental of the car and any insurance, but you might also have to spend money on refueling the vehicle.

Riding on a bus

This will be the cheapest of the three main options, with a single fare from Athens to Mycenae typically being about €15, although if you’re trying to visit the historical site during one of the busy months for tourism in Greece then you might find it difficult to get seats on some buses.

The journey should take about 1 hour and 45 minutes, but note that the bus will drop you off in Fichti, which is a village that is about 3.5 kilometers (about 2.1 miles) from Mycenae. You’ll then have to pay for a taxi to get to the site, and this will usually cost around €5.

Taking a taxi

For many people this could be a prohibitively expensive option, because taxis in Greece use meters that calculate fares based on distance, the longer the ride, the more expensive the fare. A typical one-way journey to Mycenae could cost you at least €125 or more.
But if you are willing to spend a potentially large amount of money on your fare, in exchange you will get the comfort of riding in the taxi without any strangers, and you’ll be guaranteed of being dropped off directly outside Mycenae, which makes it more convenient.